High Purity Ethylene oxide (HPEO) is a colourless, highly reactive and flammable gas at room temperature. It is produced by direct oxidation of ethylene with air or oxygen.

Because it reacts readily with other chemicals, HPEO is one of the most versatile intermediates and is used to produce many derivative products:

ethylene glycols (used in antifreeze, polyester for fibres, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and containers, gas dehydration, heat transfer liquids, solvents, and polyesters);
poly(ethylene) glycols (used in cosmetics, pharmaceutical preparations, lubricants, paint solvents, and plasticisers);
ethanolamines (used in soaps, detergents, natural gas purification and textile finishing);
ethoxylated products of fatty alcohols (used in detergents, surfactants, emulsifiers and dispersants).

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