Tip for SMEs: Export is first

There is something beautiful about walking around the city with a camera

Although most of the governments are officially supporting SMEs and claim that they do the best efforts to enhance SMEs and give them privileges, still 80% of the SMEs projects around the world are failing. In my opinion, the key failing factor in my opinion is their lack of EXPORT experience.

After globalization, I would suggest that it is almost impossible to succeed in your own country alone. Biggest economies and companies are heavily depending on exports to sustain their growth. SMEs still affected by INVALID statement (in my opinion) that : “ you need to succeed in your home country first, before starting exports”.

Guess what!, there is no time for that. Market is changing and challenges and limitations are increasing every day, either you succeed fast or you disappear. To succeed, you need to think from day one in business about exporting your products. If you think you make a product for local market first, and then change it to suit international market, then the investment that you will face at that time, will kill any feasibility, hence you stay where you are.

My advice to all SMEs , start exploring international market before even you start your business, and if you are already in business, focus all your resources towards exports.

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